Proven Pipe Injection Technology that Makes Hard Jobs EASY

PipeFuze is a polymer based underground pipe repair injection system which was designed to repair plumbing (suction or pressure side) lines without having to cut the concrete, asphalt or dig up the line.

No Finishing No Cutting No Digging No Breaking

How it Works

PipeFuze is a 2 part low pressure injection system which consists of the

Part A – Polymer & Filler – The polymer and filler is a unique blend of our
proprietary polymer which when injected, fills and seals leaks in PVC,
Copper, Galvanized Steel, Clay or any other type of plumbing material.

Part B – Catalyst (Hardener) – The catalyst is injected after the polymer
and filler. The catalyst (hardener) forms a molecular bond with the
polymer and locks it in place forming a bond at the area of the leak.

The Injection Process

Water is injected into the leaking line through a pump and mixing tank
supplied with an injection rig. The other end of the pipe has a return feed
which is hooked up to a hose and runs back to the pump tank.
After a continuous flow is established Part A (Polymer & Filler) is
introducted through the pressure rig. The leak should stop almost
immediately however, the pump still needs to continuously run to lock the
material in place.

Approximately 10 minutes after the polymer is added, the catalyst
(Hardener) is added to the tank. The pump needs to run for 1 hour for the
two products to completely bond at the area of the leak. After one hour,
the injection rig can be removed and the line can then be either pressure
tested or returned to service.