PipeFuze Contractor Kit

The Rental Kit from PipeFuze (the Contractor Kit) is a polymer-based underground pipe repair injection system that was designed to repair plumbing (suction or pressure side) lines without having to cut the concrete, asphalt, or dig up the line. The PipeFuze Rental Kit has an end cost of $880.

Works from ½ inch lines to 4-inch lines.

  • Bigger pump (1/2 hp)
  • Hoses (Heavy Duty Supply & Return)
  • Injection Rig with 3 Pressure Gauge
  • Return Rig with Shut-off Valve for Pressure Testing
  • PipeFuze Components (Enough for 5 uses)
    • Part A – Polymer and Filler (5 – 8oz)
    • Part B – Catalyst Hardener (5 – 16oz)
  • 20-gallon bin for mixing
  • Instruction Manual

Rental kit purchases are subject to the terms and conditions in the PipeFuze Rental Agreement. Please be sure to read this document fully before purchasing a rental kit.

Price: $1,685.20



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