Terms & Conditions

By making your purchase from PipeFuze, you agree to the terms and conditions of sale through this website, as posted below. By making this purchase through PipeFuze, you agree that by submitting your payment method, online or by telephone, i.e.: billing address and shipping address, business name, personal name and payment information, it serves as a digital signature, agreeing you will make the complete payment for all items placed in the order using the payment information you have provided.

Privacy Policy

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site, including your location, Internet browser or type of device used to access the site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to anyone. These analytics allow us to build a website that better serves our customers.

Security Policy:

Your payment and personal information is always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read over the internet. We do not store sensitive information, such as your credit card number in any capacity. Those details are used by the trusted services that process your order and do not store on our servers in any way. For further details on how external processing services use or maintain your information, click here.

Warranty Information:

All sales are final unless authorized in advance. PipeFuze kits are often needed for one time applications and once they are used, they are effective and no longer needed. Due to this nature, we strictly adhere to this policy. If you find that any of our equipment is not functioning properly, we will make reasonable efforts to make exchanges or modifications when possible. Defective items claimed under warranty will be repaired and returned to the customer at our discretion.

Shipping And Delivery:

Shipping charges are calculated based on the following variables::

  • Items Ordered + Quantity
  • Total Weight of Items
  • Dimension
  • Destination

Shipping will be applied only once for your entire order.

A signature is required for all deliveries. If you need to make arrangements for delivery without a signature, contact PipeFuze at 818-436-2953. We are not responsibility for lost or stolen deliveries that bypass the required signature process.

International Shipping Disclaimer/Policy:

Delays in International shipments may occur due to heavy load on postal services and customs. International orders might be subject to import taxes/duties. For information, please contact your local customs authority. The pump inside the PipeFuze kit is 110 volt. A power adaptor may be necessary depending on your location (not included).

We are not responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. When ordering from Pipefuze.com, the recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. Upon delivery Duties & Taxes may or may not be collected.


Many components of different kits are custom made for each order. Therefore there will be a 25% restocking fee, even if the order is cancelled prior to shipping with no exceptions. There will be no returns on equipment which has been used. Product shipped may not match the exact pictures on our website due to the fact we are constantly upgrading our equipment.

Any returned packages either authorized or unauthorized must be insured for the full value of the item(s) at the purchasers (shippers) expense. PipeFuze will not be liable for any lost or damaged shipments.


All claims and disputes arising under or relating to any disputes or claims are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of California. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.

PipeFuze is a division of Torque-Lock Structural Systems and is hereby referred to in this contract as PipeFuze.

The PipeFuze Rental Kit Renter Agrees To

Not use any products other than those liquids authorized and distributed by PipeFuze in any of the PipeFuze equipment. PipeFuze cannot be held responsible for Renter’s failure to follow operating instructions or for any damage that results due to the use of non-PipeFuze products in the equipment. Although every care is taken to ensure that your kit is in clean and perfect working order when rented out, you are required to check the equipment for defects prior to use. You agree to contact or report any problems you encounter during your rental directly to PipeFuze within the agreed rental period. Retrospective contact may not always allow PipeFuze to verify and resolve issues reported.

DO NOT USE PipeFuze equipment in any other manner than that described in our application instructions. PipeFuze is STRICTLY FOR NON-POTABLE WATER APPLICATIONS.

Note Rental Period is 15 days.

Return the equipment in a clean condition to the address provided only, using the return postage provided by the time and date agreed during your rental agreement. If the equipment is not returned within the agreed terms of the rental agreement, PipeFuze has the right to take immediate action to recover the equipment or cost of damage. Dirty machine charge (if the equipment is not returned in a clean condition to the store) will be charged to the card used at the time of rental and Renter hereby understands there is no dispute for said charges.

Equipment / Product Use


Use the equipment and included materials in a careful and prudent manner according to the instructions furnished by PipeFuze and do not allow any other person to use the equipment without the express written permission of PipeFuze. The equipment is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the equipment by a person responsible for their safety.

If the equipment malfunctions or appears unsafe, Renter agrees to immediately discontinue its use and immediately contact PipeFuze within office hours, (as posted on the website). Renter understands and accepts that, to the extent permitted by law and except in the case of personal injury or death resulting from our negligence, the maximum limit of PipeFuze‘s liability for losses or damages, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall be limited to the rental charge you agreed to pay for the right to use the PipeFuze equipment for the period agreed.

For leaks as described on our website applications and use, PipeFuze equipment is designed to seal leaks in a variety of pipes as described. You agree to use the equipment strictly as described and intended.

 The Renter shall be liable if the equipment is damaged or lost whilst on hire to Renter and shall indemnify PipeFuze for (1) all costs it suffers in undertaking recovery and/or repair, and (2) for the full value of the Equipment ($1532) if it is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.  Theft or conversion of equipment is a criminal offense. PipeFuze always prosecutes theft to the fullest extent of the law.
 The Renter agrees to return the Equipment in a clean and working condition within or by the agreed Due Back time and return date.  It is understood that if customer fails to return PipeFuze rental within or by the agreed Due Back time and return date, customer forfeits their refundable deposit of $ 732.00.