Q. Will PipeFuze work on every application?

A. No. When there are complete pipe separations or lines that are completely cracked  through, the lines will need to be physically repaired.

Q. Why do pipes crack and leak?

A. There are many reasons why pipes leak ranging from:

  • Construction Errors
  • Improper glued or repaired joints
  • Bad solder joints
  • Line hit when backfilling
  • Manufacturing

Q. I am not a plumber or contractor but a pretty handy homeowner. Can I utilize the PipeFuze system?

A. Yes. Our pipe repair kits are easy to use and come with detailed instructions. We also
manufacture kits which range from the do it yourselfer to Industrial applications.

Q. Can PipeFuze repair a leak in a hi pressure copper pipe?

A. Yes. PipeFuze applications are for pvc, polyethelene, galvanized, steel and copper.

Q. How do I join your newsletter?

A. You can join our newsletter through the Sign-up box located on our sidebar. You are also automatically added to our Newsletter list when you purchase a PipeFuze product.

Q. Is PipeFuze a permanent repair?

A. Depending on the leak, PipeFuze has been time tested for the past six years. Both pressure and suction lines in pools, irrigation, household plumbing any many other applications have been performed without failure.

Q. Where can I purchase a PipeFuze Kit?

A. Right here on our website. While we sell our product to contractors and through distribution, we sell all of our products through this website.

If you have a question about our product, please contact us, we are standing by ready to assist.