As the cold season retreats, pool owners often face the challenge of dealing with small leaks in their swimming pools. These leaks, if not addressed promptly, can lead to larger problems, making early detection and repair crucial. Thankfully, innovative products like LeakShot and PipeFuze offer efficient and non-invasive solutions. Let’s dive into your go-to solutions for tackling small pool leaks post cold season with LeakShot and PipeFuze.

Tackling Small Pool Leaks Post Cold Season with LeakShot and PipeFuze

Understanding the Basics of PipeFuze

PipeFuze is a revolutionary 2-part low-pressure injection system that fills and seals leaky areas in pipes without being destructive. It’s an ideal solution for pipes running under concrete or behind pool walls, where traditional repair methods could be disruptive and costly.

Part A – Polymer Filler
This component consists of a proprietary blend of polymers designed to fill and seal leaks in various types of plumbing materials, including PVC, Copper, and Galvanized Steel. When injected, it acts as a filler to close the gaps where leaks are occurring.

Part B – Catalyst (Hardener)
Following the application of the polymer filler, customers must inject the catalyst to form a molecular bond with the polymer. This bond effectively locks the filler in place, creating a durable seal at the leak site.

PipeFuze is perfect for those hard-to-reach leaks that do not necessitate extensive structural repairs.

LeakShot: The Solution for Non-Structural Repairs

LeakShot is tailored for sealing leaks that don’t require structural repair. It’s a versatile solution suitable for sealing various types of cracks, holes, and leaks.

When customers apply LeakShot, it adheres to the substance and cures to form a robust, long-lasting seal. It can even seal leaks as wide as 1/8th of an inch effectively. For leaks that haven’t been precisely located, LeakShot can be added to the skimmer, main drain, or other water intakes while the pump is running in recirculation mode.

Application Tips

Early Detection: Always check for leaks after the cold season as early detection can save time and costs.
Identify the Type of Leak: Understanding whether the leak is structural or non-structural can help in choosing the right product.
Follow Instructions: For the best results, adhere to the application instructions provided with each product.

PipeFuze Instructions

LeakShot Instructions

The cold and freeze seasons can often leave behind small but troublesome leaks in swimming pools. With PipeFuze and LeakShot, pool owners now have effective, easy-to-use solutions that can address these issues without the need for extensive and costly repairs. Whether it’s a leak in a hard-to-reach pipe or a non-structural crack, these products provide a convenient and reliable fix. Both products help ensure your pool is ready for the warmer days ahead.

Check out our free demonstration videos to see how easy it is to use LeakShot and PipeFuze.