The simple answer: Yes, PipeFuze can fix post-freezing pipe cracks. Let’s break down the basics of what a freeze crack is.

What is a Freeze Crack?

The freeze-thawing process is based on a unique property of water: as it freezes, it expands. The cycle is typical in nature, especially when temperatures drop below freezing at night and increase throughout the day. When water becomes trapped within a rigid material, it expands causing the pipe to finally break.  After a particularly harsh winter, a freeze crack can form, affecting swimming pools, irrigation systems, and potentially any inground pipe.  As the temperature rises, the ice melts, leaving a larger crack than before. A freeze crack is typically horizontal. If it’s a small crack, there is a good chance that PipeFuze can repair this leak.

What is a Freeze Fracture?

Pipes can also be affected by freeze fractures. It’s not the ice that causes the pipes to fracture. When the cold winter weather arrives, the low temperature combined with the intense wind chill can cause pipes to freeze and rupture. When the temperature drops below freezing, this can happen in both residential and commercial buildings.

How Does PipeFuze Fix Post-Freezing Pipe Cracks?

We understand that “small” crack is relative, which is precisely why we recommend conducting a pressure test with water only to ensure that PipeFuze is a good candidate for your pipe leak.

This test requires a diagnostic approach before proceeding to use PipeFuze. When performing the pressure test on the line, make sure that the line is losing less than 5 pounds in 30 seconds. If this is the case, you can use PipeFuze to repair the leak.

If you don’t have the necessary equipment to conduct a pressure test, we recommend getting in touch with a professional leak detection specialist that uses Leaktronics equipment to effectively detect the leak and perform the pressure test for you.

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How Does PipeFuze Work?

PipeFuze is a 2 part crack-repair injection product, consisting of a catalyst and a hardener. After confirming that the line in question is a good candidate for PipeFuze, follow the instructions for the application.  Part A (Filler) is used first and after noting the water in your central bin is remaining at the same level, pour through Part B (hardener).  After following the recommended application process, you can put the line back in service.  If there is no notable water loss, you’ve remedied your leak without the need for a cutting concrete decks or digging holes in the yard. PipeFuze is able to be used on all piping material including PVC, Copper, Steel, etc.

We always recommend conducting a pressure test to ensure that PipeFuze is right for your particular leak.