Does the pool need to be empty before using PipeFuze?

Your pool is losing water and you’re sure there’s a leak, but you’re not sure what to do to try PipeFuze.  Below are some questions we receive quite frequently.

Question: Does my pool need to be emptied to use PipeFuze?
Answer:    No –
PipeFuze is able to be used with a full pool.  The reason is that in order to use PipeFuze, the leaking line is isolated with the injection and return rigs used to apply PipeFuze.

Question:  How do I know if I can use PipeFuze?
Answer:     A Pressure Drop Test – In order to consider PipeFuze for the repair, the leaking line needs to be isolated, and pressure tested with water only, not air.  Once the line is under pressure, watch the meter for 30 seconds.  If the line loses less than 5lbs in 30 seconds, then the pipe is a good candidate for PipeFuze.  If the line loses faster than recommended, then the leak is too big for PipeFuze.

Question:  Can PipeFuze be used to repair the main drain pipe?
Answer:     Yes – If the leak is located in the main drain pipe, the same pressure drop test should be performed.  This is one of the very few cases in which the swimming pool water level may be dropped down before using PipeFuze.

Question:   Will PipeFuze work if I pour it into the pool and circulate it through my pool system?
Answer:       No – PipeFuze is a 2-part system that is concentrated solely on the leaking pipe and should never be run through the equipment.

Question:    What if I don’t know where the leak is?
Answer:       Contact a leak detection professional – although you may have narrowed the leak down to one line, it is always advised to have a leak detection performed.  The company performing the leak detection should be able to confirm if you’re correct in locating the leak, however, there is always a possibility that there may be more than one leak in a pool.  When you contact the company, be sure to ask them about the ability to pressure test the line.

Question:   Can I use the gauge on my filter for the pressure test? 
Answer:     No – The pressure gauge on the filter is measuring the pressure from the pool’s operating system.  An independent pressure test on the pipe in question needs to be performed.

Question:   Is it possible for me to perform the pressure test and apply PipeFuze? 
Answer:      Yes – There have been many “Do-it-yourself” individuals who have performed the pressure test using the Injection and Return Rigs from PipeFuze.  When the line is pressure tested with the Injection and Return Rigs and is noted to be a good candidate for PipeFuze,  the rigs are then also used for the PipeFuze application.

Question:    Can I use PipeFuze on the same pipe if it begins to leak again?
Answer:       Yes – Another pressure drop test should be performed to be sure PipeFuze can be used.

Ready to fix that leaking pipe?  Demonstration videos on how it all works are available on our YouTube Channel.