PipeFuze is a polymer-based pipe injection method that allows you to repair plumbing lines without having to cut through concrete or dig them up. This product can be incredibly useful for repairing small or difficult-to-reach leaks without having to destroy property or take on a hefty repair job. If you plan on using PipeFuze but don’t have much experience with the product, you’re in luck. We put together helpful tips for using PipeFuze for your upcoming repair job.

Top Tips for Using PipeFuze

Conduct a pressure drop test.

Conduct a pressure drop test before using PipeFuze. The pressure drop on the interior of a part is measured during pressure drop leak tests. The test is carried out by injecting air into the test part until it reaches the desired pressure. The air supply is then cut off to isolate the pressure, and the pressure loss is monitored over a set length of time. The presence of a leak is indicated by a drop in pressure.

Be mindful of how many drains your pool has.

If the pool you are repairing has multiple drains, loop them into the system.

Make sure you have enough product.

We recommend running each of parts A and part B multiple times, or for as long as possible. This is precisely why we sell PipeFuze in kits of three to ensure that you have enough for your specific leak repair. Remember, your leak could be heftier than you think. Always have enough product on hand.

Keep an eye on the bin.

Always watch the bin to ensure it doesn’t run dry.

Use a borescope or inspection camera before using PipeFuze.

The key here is to make sure that you don’t have a significantly damaged pipe in your pool system. Such damage may require more than PipeFuze in the worst-case scenario. We recommend using a borescope or an inspection camera and scoping out your return jets to ensure that there are no massive breaks in your pipe, as well as your return line if possible.

Check out our website to learn more about PipeFuze products. If you have any questions, give us a call at (818) 436-2953. You can also check out our YouTube channel for video demonstrations.