When it comes to leaking repair products, longevity is key.  So, how long will Leakshot sealant last?

What is LeakShot?

Leakshot is acrylic and polymer-based coagulant that, due to the viscosity properties, when applied, Leakshot is sucked into a leak and blocks it. After the Leakshot material physically blocks the leak, it hardens to a durometer of about eighty-nine. To put it simply, this means that LeakShot gets pretty hard and durable.

How Long Does the LeakShot Sealant Last?

We don’t know how long LeakShot lasts in a particular application because there are many variables involved. However, we do have a couple of solid facts to support the longevity of LeakShot.

When will it work best and when will it fail? LeakShot works well with gunite or shotcrete pools, though it is an ideal choice for a wide range of swimming pools and similar structures. If your leak is located around a fitting, or possibly in a light niche, conduit, or skimmer, Leakshot repairs seem to hold up best when you are trying to adhere to surfaces with a cement-type base. Thus, cement applications of LeakShot tend to last the longest.

LeakShot’s longevity holds true for vinyl liner and fiberglass pools too, but it works better in these scenarios for small leaks specifically. If there is a large gaping hole in a vinyl liner pool, the Leakshot product might simply get pulled right through and not adhere to the leak or crack itself. The size of the leak is a major factor to consider when using LeakShot.

Can Leakshot Repair a Plumbing Leak? 

LeakShot can indeed be used to repair a plumbing leak, but there are limitations. LeakShot is able to adhere to copper as well as PVC plumbing to a certain extent. These specific types of leaks will be limited to very small plumbing leaks, which suits LeakShot’s use case. For larger-sized plumbing leaks, we would highly recommend Pipefuze as an alternative. Pipfuze is specifically designed solely for swimming pools, spas, fountains, and water feature plumbing leaks. 

Leakshot and PipeFuze have been time-tested successfully in many applications. We recommend testing out both products for your particular leak scenario. For questions, visit www.pipefuze.com or call us at (818) 436-2953. You can also check out the instructions for use and demonstration video before working on your repair.