Discovering you have a leaking swimming pool can ruin your day. The idea of paying hundreds or thousands for fixing pool leaks, not to mention the mess the repair will make, is enough to cause you a real pain in the neck.  PipeFuze is a low cost alternative for fixing small pool leaks in pipes.

Thousands of  homeowners have used PipeFuze for fixing pool leaks. You can read the easy-to-follow instructions and voila your pool will be ready for next summer and beyond.

What is PipeFuze?

PipeFuze is a 2 part polymer-based pipe injection system designed to fix plumbing lines without the need to cut through concrete, asphalt, or dig up your piping. Making sure your leaking pipe meets the parameters to use PipeFuze is key.  You can fix your pool’s underground leaks without picking up a shovel and then hurting your back. No digging, no concrete cutting, no destruction. We recommend that you watch this video to understand how it works before choosing PipeFuze to stop your non-potable water leak.

Save time and money

By using PipeFuze you will not only fix pool leaks, but you will also save a ton of your precious time and money. Pipe repair without digging means no expensive labor and equipment costs. Plus, it saves you from destroying your backyard in the process. Don’t strain your back and shoulders digging up your yard to fix a pool leak, use PipeFuze instead.

Get PipeFuze today

Visit PipeFuze today to learn more or to get your PipeFuze Homeowner Kit. The site is full of handy tips for fixing pool leaks and application instructions to make using PipeFuze very easy.  We also offer several options if your handy and alsready have some of the components needed to apply PipeFuze.