A popular hotel resort in Southern California recently discovered they had a swimming pool leak.  The hotel pool was losing very little water, but the issue was there and management needed to fix it fast.  The employees desperately tried to pinpoint the leak, but weren’t able to find the source. The management team called out several companies to identify and fix the leak, however, they as well, were unable to locate the leak. Then they found LeakShot.

At the peak of the season, a resort hotel pool needs to be operational to keep their guests happy and are not able to close the pool for an extended amount of time.  The leak needed to get fixed fast. Options were limited for the unknown repair and LeakShot was given the green light to go ahead.

Can LeakShot Be Used on Vinyl Liner Pools? A Clear Answer

Fixing the Leak with LeakShot

Without identifying the source of the leak, using LeakShot didn’t require any digging.  The size of the pool required 2 bottles which were poured in as indicated in the directions.  After 24 hours, the pool stopped leaking and the equipment was turned back on.  After monitoring the water level in the pool again, we are glad to say that LeakShot was successful in locating and repairing the pool leak.  Using LeakShot kept the down-time at a minimum.  Guests are happy and management is happier.

Got a small leak and need a fast fix, try LeakShot for your pool leak repair before going through expensive and time consuming repairs.