Pipe repair does not always require digging, concrete cutting, or destruction. The solution is so easy it can make it to your list of top DIY projects. Sounds like it’s too good to be true? In fact, it’s not, and here is why.  Read this blog post to learn how to Fix A Leak Without Destruction.

PipeFuze LeakShot is a polymer and catalyst blend, which repairs leaks in a matter of hours. Additionally, it seals pipe leaks in pools, spas, and fountains. It is the quickest and most inexpensive product for pipe repairs on the market. It has been field-tested under various weather conditions and proven to be effective in sealing leaks.

Also, adding LeakShot regularly to the pools, spas, and fountains allows you to ensure preventative maintenance to avoid bigger problems. So, make those pipe leak repairs yourself! You can purchase LeakShot in three different sizes today to repair the pipe leaks. In extreme cases, some pipe leaks take two cycles to repair with PipeFuze LeakShot. In this case, we highly recommend you purchase the 2 or 3-pack. 

Learn more about LeakShot and other PipeFuze products by visiting https://pipefuze.com or call 818-436-2953 today.