Jeff called today to ask about using PipeFuze on a suction line leak. He told me that he had identified the line in question was in fact leaking, but had questions about it. He mentioned, “I saw air bubbles from the suction line and a search on Google told me to check out your product. I watched videos and it seems reasonable.”

Jeff told me he tried to test the line with air pressure. Understanding that air and water compress differently, and that the line itself in fact was made to hold water, I asked him to test the pressure in the line with water. this meant that he had to cut the line at the equipment to use a compression plug and he would inject water from the other end. The goal was to see if the line was losing more than 5 pounds of water pressure over the first 30 seconds. He confirmed it was actually 5 and a half pounds, still more than reasonable.

The reason was ask to test the pressure drop is because if a pipe drops instantly from 12 pounds to zero in just a few seconds, it’s likely you’ve got a complete separation, or a full circumference break that no coagulant is going to seal. A five pound loss is likely the type of break or separation PipeFuze will seal in a short time of use.

Jeff owns a pump and barrel and made the purchase of the injection rig to get the fluid set into the pipe with a controlled amount of pressure. We shipped him his equipment and the Refill Kit of 3 Part A and 3 Part B bottles, he was ready to go.

Jeff called to describe the experience.

I had it all set up to run and I put in the first bottle of Part A. As you recommended, I marked the line where the water level started in the barrel and over the first hour, it lost about 3 inches. I refilled the barrel to the line and added a second bottle of Part A to ensure I still had a higher concentration of PipeFuze in the water. Over the second hour, it lost a half inch in the first 15 minutes and stopped dropping. By the end of the hour, it wasn’t losing any water at all. As instructed, I added Part B for an hour and still wasn’t losing any water in the barrel, so I emptied the line and put it back together. It’s been holding just fine, without any issues, or bubbles in the pump.”

It’s the most common call I get from users. sometimes they start skeptical, but ultimately, when they see how it works, they start to recommend it to friends.

Jeff shared, “I didn’t want to cut pipe, though it took about a minute to repair it with a coupling, and realistically, I spent about $500 in total of time and equipment to get the job done. The cost to rip up the deck and make a repair would have been into the thousands and I’d have a patch to look at on the patio, which I was trying to avoid. In the end, it worked great and I recommend it to anyone who asks – use PipeFuze first before you tear up your groundwork.”

You can have the same results and avoid destruction on your patio or landscaping by using PipeFuze to seal leaks in your returns, suction lines, pipes or plumbing. Any diameter, any type of pipe, just add PipeFuze as described in the videos and seal those leaks to stop water loss today. Visit to learn more or call 818-436-2953 today.