I get calls from people applying PipeFuze to seal their pipes and to avoid breaking concrete daily. It’s truly the answer to keep repair costs down and to stop simple pipe leaks in pools and a lot of plumbing and irrigation applications. One of the questions I get often is, will it take 2 cycles to repair the pipe with PipeFuze, and the answer is sometimes, “Yes.”

When circulating the Part A fluid through the pipe, the particulate that works to start the damming process can be drawn through the area of the leak. Smaller particulate first, then larger parts and ultimately, those smaller parts will work to fill in spaces to stop the water flow so the hardening can happen more rapidly. A second bottle applied enhances the process and makes the fluid work faster; here’s a recommendation.

After circulating Part A through the isolated line for an hour, you’ll note that some of the water in the pail has dropped from it’s original level. I recommend marking that starting level before beginning the process so you know where it began. As the process starts, water is going to be leaking from the crack and won’t be cycling back into the barrel. After an hour of circulation, I will refill the barrel to the original fill line I started with and I will add a second application of Part A. This reintroduces new particulate into the system and increases the concentration of Part A that is flowing through the pipe. As the water has previously escaped the pipe, some of the more viscus Part A fluid will also have been drained from the pipe. A second bottle will strengthen the concentration and reintroduce the fluid to line and the area of the leak.

It is typical that after 15 minutes of adding the second bottle that I note the water level has stopped dropping completely. This is a clear indicator that the hardening process is taking effect, the leak is blocked and the fluids with completely seal the leak, stopping water loss and adhering to both the inside and outside of the crack. This is what PipeFuze does.

I will continue to cycle this second bottle for the duration of a second hour, then I add Part B to the line. Part B is going to accelerate the hardening process by thickening the area where the Part A fluid has gathered and begun hardening. As it gums up from the inside, the hardening process will accelerate from the outside in and ultimately, the seal will become permanent.

PipeFuze is designed using a mixture and process that does what it says it will do, it hardens around the separation, both inside and outside of the pipe, lining the inside of the crack and forming a bond that holds, even when pressure is applied, on returns and even suction lines. Sometimes, however, that second bottle is what it takes to really show it’s worth.

PipeFuze is delivered in a 3-pack of bottles. While it may just take a single bottle to repair the leak, having a 3-pack keeps you from calling to order a second or third bottle when your pipe diameter is larger, or your leak is larger than you expected. We recommend a pressure drop test before applying PipeFuze, and it’s detailed in the videos you see on the website. simple apply as instructed and you can avoid the hassle and cost to break concrete and make repairs that can be otherwise fixed using PipeFuze.

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