Before you start digging up any lines to make repairs on a pipe leak around your pool, it’s always recommended you have a professional leak detection performed. It’s a minimal cost compared to the damage you’re going to do trying to find a leak; however, some people opt out and decide to go it alone. Don’t break concrete right away. There are a few tests to perform by yourself before getting out the shovel, and PipeFuze could be the answer to your problems.

Know that the majority of leaks in buried pipes happen at couplings or elbows. These areas are subject to glue failures and minor separations. These are most likely the issues causing water loss and you can verify them yourself with some quick tests. Plug your returns and make a small hole in one of the plugs. Put some dye in front of the plug with the hole in it. If it ingests the dye, you’re revealing a leak in the return line. This is a reasonable start to making repairs with PipeFuze.

By cutting the pipe at the equipment, or if you have quick release valve, you can isolate these lines. Plug that cut line at the equipment and apply pressure to the line using just water. Water and air compress differently, this is a water loss issue, so test the pressure in the line using water. Apply 10-12 pounds of pressure and watch your pressure gauge. If the pressure drops 5 pounds or less in just the first 30 seconds, it’s a definite contender for repair using the PipeFuze liquids.

See the videos on the PipeFuze website to see how the equipment is used to administer the PipeFuze liquid set. A single application has the power to seal leaks in pipes without doing any digging. We literally march the fluids past the separation and the fluids penetrate the space where water is escaping and hardens from the outside in. As it does, it makes a permanent seal to the inner and outer lining of the crack, adhering to the pipe and stopping water loss. it’s an inexpensive way to keep you from having to break concrete to make repairs.

You’ll have questions about it’s use, just call PipeFuze and ask them. We’re here to help you understand the methods we use to inject PipeFuze and to stop leaks in just a couple of hours, sparing the expense of patio repairs.

Call 818-436-2953 to learn more, and if you are a contractor with your own equipment, a pump and hoses, you can purchase the fluid set directly from the website.