The best time to stop leaks in vinyl liners is before they become a big problem. Tiny pinholes don’t do much damage or really lose a noticeable amount of water … until they do! The biggest problem is not knowing they exist until they become a big leak and need big repairs. Stop those leaks from taking your pool out of service by using the preventative power of Leakshot.

Leakshot’s blend of liquid leak sealant and hardening compound adheres to the areas where pinholes form and seals around the leak from both sides of the liner. As the water stops seeping through, Leakshot hardens from the outside of the liner and forms a bond that runs through the leak and permanently seals from both sides of the vinyl.

Vinyl liner pool owners use Leakshot as a preventative to keep those small leaks from growing. Every other month simply pour in a bottle of Leakshot and let it circulate through the pool. Over the course of 24 hours, the viscous fluid will work to get pulled into those small leaks and seal them. Give the water an occasional stir to increase the suspension of the fluid in the pool and rest assured that those pesky pinholes have met their match, even when you don’t know where they are. Once Leakshot has been poured into the pool, the threat of pinholes becoming future rips and tears is gone.

Stop Leaks in Vinyl Liners

You can order Leakshot directly from the manufacturer at, or visit to read about how it’s used, and hear from other customers who have had success with Leakshot. With a Leakshot 3-pack, you can pour in a bottle today to stop leaks and keep 2 on hand for the rest of the pool season.

Leakshot doesn’t need to be filtered out of the pool after its use. Where the fluid has penetrated leaks, it will harden to become permanent. The fluid that remains in suspension and doesn’t harden where leaks have formed will simply dissolve over 48 hours and will rinse out through the pool’s regular cleaning cycle.

Leakshot is applicable to all water bearing vessels. For vinyl liner pools, spas, ponds and lined water features, just pour it in and let it work. For concrete, fiberglass and even wooden tubs, Leakshot provides the same sealing power around fittings, in cracks, between tiles, at grommets and anywhere plastic protrudes thought he pool wall. If water is leaking, Leakshot will work to fill that leak and form a bond.