Using PipeFuze as a sealant for pool pipes is a fast way to repair leaks without breaking concrete or digging up a line. The proprietary formula in PipeFuze’s Liquid Set works to create adhere to the pipe, sealing cracks and holes in the line and hardening to permanent bond.

First, test the pressure in your line to see if it’s a contender for using PipeFuze. Isolate the line and attach a pressure rig. The gauge will indicate the flow of water into the pipe, we maintain 8-12 pounds of pressure. It isn’t necessary to run higher, you stand the chance of causing more damage.

When 8-12 pounds of pressure is achieved, let the line sit. If the pressure gauge shows the pressure decreasing by 5 pounds or less over the course of 30 seconds, you’re ready to circulate PipeFuze through the line.

PipeFuze Liquids come in two parts. Part A includes a slightly more viscous liquid with a particulate mixture that blocks water from passing through the leak. During a 2 hour process of cycling water and the Part A Liquid through the line, that particulate and fluid will get pulled into the leak, forming a sort of ‘blockade’ that staves off the escaping water. The pressure in the pipe will begin to hold, verified by a second pressure test. When the pressure loss in the pipe has stopped from adding the Part A bottle of the Liquid Set, it’s time to add Part B.

Part B includes a hardener that reacts with the fluid in the Part A solution. Part B will circulate through the pipe, and as it pass and touches with the mixture of Part A that is blocking the leak, the Part A Fluid will begin to harden, forming a permanent bond to the edges of the crack or hole that it has filled. Over the course of 2 hours of circulation, the leak is permanently repaired and you’ve saved potentially hundreds, or even a few thousand dollars of repair work that would most likely alter the area where you invasively dug to get to the pipe.

Before breaking concrete, digging trenches and ripping up older plumbing lines, try PipeFuze as a sealant for pool pipes to stop the expense and hassle of water loss on your pool plumbing.

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