All hot tub owners will eventually have to deal with “spa leaks” and hot tub leak repair. Fiberglass, concrete and even cedar shell repair is easy using LeakShot.
Small and hard to find leaks are easily sealed by simply pouring in LeakShot liquid leak sealant. It’s leak repair in a bottle. LeakShot frequently seals slow leaks for good, even when you don’t know exactly where they are.

For portable spas, it isn’t necessary to open up the side of your spa and dig through insulation to find water spots and perform hot tub leak repair. The insulation is there for a reason, don’t disturb it. Remove the filter in the spa and set the water to circulate. LeakShot will distribute throughout the spa and its viscous weight will be drawn into the area of the leak. As it adheres to the area where the leak occurs, it blocks water from seeping through and begins to patch the leak permanently.

Glued plumbing parts, jet fittings and areas that protrude through the surface of the spa are prime contenders for where leaks occur. Small separations in the glue, the seal or the fitting can cause water to escape. When LeakShot fills those areas, the water stops flowing through and LeakShot begins to harden from the back side where the air is dry. As it hardens, it forms a permanent bond to the shell and makes a seal that simply won’t let water escape. No draining the spa water, no unsightly epoxy patches and no cutting the shell to make repairs. Just circulate LeakShot for 24-48 hours and let it do the job for you.

Shell cracks and leaks can start small as surfaces blister or in cedar spas, the wood swells and retracts causing small separation areas. Nip those in the bud before they grow into major cracks or holes with LeakShot. Even areas you can’t see leaking may be a source of water loss, though small at first – sealing them now will keep them from becoming a major problem down the road.

LeakShot works well when you’ve discovered water loss, but it also works as preventative maintenance for your spa. Every couple of months, adding LeakShot to the spa will take care of the forthcoming leaks that have barely begun to show. Users who pour LeakShot in as a preventative attest to this.

I started using LeakShot on a 12 year old spa I just didn’t want to get rid of. It’s in amazing shape and I use it throughout the year. It holds 10 people, it would be expensive to replace a spa of this size, so when small leaks show, I want to stop them fast,” shares Mike Renovich in Newport, RI. “I read about the preventative use of leakShot and for the past three years, I add half a bottle on the first of every other month. It doesn’t change the water, I just cycle it out, but I haven’t had a leak in the spa since using it, and I recommend it to everyone who owns a spa and wants to keep it leak free.

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