Stubborn pool leaks can cause homeowners headaches, especially when construction looks like the first option for your pool leak repair. This doesn’t have to be the case. Pool leak repair can be performed by the homeowner using LeakShot to fill those small cracks and stop water loss altogether.

If your pool is showing a small loss of water, even a few inches a week, the leak could be caused by a small separation at a return fitting, or even a little crack somewhere in the pool. Over time, the cost of that water loss will increase, and so will its potential to become a bigger leak. Stop it now with the scientifically proven sealing power of LeakShot.

For homeowners, it’s as easy as this. Isolate your filter and turn your equipment on to circulate the water in the pool. Liberally pour in a bottle of LeakShot and let it distribute throughout the pool water. LeakShot is viscous and heavier than water, as it circulates, it works to find the area where water is being pulled into the leak and it fills that area, bonding with the separation to create a dam that stops water from escaping.

Over the course of 24-48 hours, the water will stop gushing through the area of the leak. The self hardening formula will begin to dry from the back of the leak and will adhere to the area where the separation occurred. As it hardens, it forms a bond to the surface area and makes a permanent patch that simply doesn’t allow water to seep through. With a single application, pool leak repair becomes easy and water loss ends.

Before you dive into your pool to try epoxies or drain water to chip away at the shell of your pool or spa, give your pool a shot, with LeakShot. LeakShot works with pools, spas, water features, cedar hot tubs, concrete or vinyl liners. If water is escaping, LeakShot will patch the area and stop water loss fast.

As a preventative, use LeakShot at the start and finish of your pool season to fill any potential leaks you haven’t discovered yet. Small pinholes in vinyl or tile separations that haven’t shown great water loss are easily filled before they become a problem. Preventative maintenance with LeakShot can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs by sealing those little leaks before they become big leaks.

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