When you notice a water leak in your pool plumbing, you’ve got options for how to make your water leak repair. If a pressure test on your lines shows that the pipe itself is losing less than 5 lbs. of pressure over the course of 30 seconds, your pipe can be repaired using PipeFuze. It’s the easy way to fix-a-leak.

Your service tech will isolate the pipe, meaning that it is open from two sides. This will allow repairs to be made while water circulates through the pipe, underground, without digging. As the water circulates through the pipe, the liquids in the PipeFuze Liquid Set will mend the pipe with its proprietary scientific formula.

Part A of the liquid set includes a particulate and a viscous fluid that is heavier than water. This fluid, in combination with the particulate in the bottle will work to fill the area where water is leaking from the pipe. As it fills the crack, crevasse or pinhole leak, the particulate and fluid will build a bond on both the inside of the pipe leak, and the outside where water is escaping. Over the course of two hours of circulated water, the Part A fluid will stop water from passing through the area of the leak.

A simple repeat pressure test of the line will show that pressure is holding in the pipe. At this point, the leak is stopped and the area where water was escaping has been plugged. It’s time to add Part B of the liquid set.

Part B of the liquid set includes a hardener. Circulating a bottle of Part B through the pipe will aid in the adherence of the fluid and particulate that has plunged the leak. Working from the outside in, the Part A fluid will begin to dry against the outside of the leak while Part B causes a reaction that hardens Part A and forms a permanent bond to the inside of the pipe. Together, this creates a leak free seal where the pipe fractured and the water will stop penetrating the pipe. Your pipe has been repaired without the invasive digging or cost of breaking concrete and making repairs.

Learn more about PipeFuze and the method by which it makes a water leak repair on pipes from the inside by visiting https://pipefuze.com or by calling 818-436-2953 for more details.

Pool Plumbing Water Leak Repair