At PipeFuze, we understand that many repair specialists and at-home DIY repair aficionados tend to be wary of products that promise fast and impossibly easy results when it comes to leak detection and repair. That’s why we’ve put together a case study on a real-life incident in which LeakShot saved the day– so you can make a more informed buying decision to fix leaks without deconstruction. This case study is about a Fort Lauderdale pool leak located above a parking garage.

A Fort Lauderdale Pool Located Above A Parking Garage

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – A Case Study in Pool Repair

Recently, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida beach resort made up of 60-unit condos had a bit of a problem. The resort featured a swimming pool that was located above a parking garage on the property. The pool was causing a persistent slow drip that was leaking into the parking garage. Not only was this unpleasant cosmetically, but there was also the potential for growing cracks and structural damage. Needless to say, that’s not a risk anyone wants to take in a parking garage of a resort.

Three different leak detection companies were brought into the Floridan beach resort to try and locate the leak. However, none of these leak detection companies could locate where exactly the slow leak was coming from.

Here’s where PipeFuze comes in. The manager of the property came across our patented PipeFuze product called LeakShot and purchased a bottle. The first bottle of LeakShot, when applied properly, slowed the drip down to a minimum but it did not stop it from leaking completely. The manager of the property poured the second bottle of LeakShot into the leak site, which successfully stopped the leak completely.

This case is an important one to consider because it is such a common issue. Swimming pools have a tendency to leak at some point, even when properly installed and maintained. Ignoring leaks could lead to serious structural damage– and not every leak detection specialist will be able to locate and stop leaks easily. LeakShot can take on the challenge, whether you have a simple leak at your home’s pool site or a massive leak at your resort’s in-ground spa.

Check out this YouTube video on how LeakShot works.

Use PipeFuze For Your Future Pool Repair Jobs

PipeFuze Sealant is trusted by homeowners to save them hundreds of dollars in repair costs. You’ll also save hours of potential effort and time by using PipeFuze to mend leaking pipes that are hidden beneath. Not every leak detection professional will be able to discover tough leaks, as we saw in the case study above. In such cases, LeakShot can be a lifesaver.

LeakShot involves a fairly straightforward application. Pour the PipeFuze polymer mixes and follow the recommended application process once you’ve confirmed a pipe is leaking. If the pressure stays the same, you’ve successfully repaired your leak without the need for costly replacements and repairs.

Quick and easy leak repair is finally accessible to homeowners. Get in touch with the PipeFuze team today to learn more about which LeakShot product is ideal for your specific potential leak or damage.