Imagine opening up your water bill and seeing that it’s jumped 200%. That would be a big WOW moment. It’s also a good indication that there’s a leak you aren’t seeing – a leak underground and potential underground pipe repair. There’s a DIY solution for that.

Using PipeFuze to end those stubborn and unexpected underground leaks is an option if your leak meets a particular criteria. It’s about the rate of loss in the pipe. Breaks and complete separations require digging to get at the pipe and make repairs from outside of the pipe, but leaks that lose 5 lbs. of pressure or less in 30 seconds are repairable from inside the pipe using PipeFuze, and it spares the thousands of dollars spent on digging or breaking and patching concrete.

Watch how PipeFuze users check to see if their pipes are applicable to repair using PipeFuze fluids. You don’t need to be a contractor to do this, handy homeowners around the world use PipeFuze every day.

When you know your underground pipe repair is within the range of recommendations for PipeFuze application, take a look at the equipment used to to do the job. Your goal is to isolate the leaking pipe from both ends and to create a circular flow of water through the pipe at a relatively low pressure. Some complete PipeFuze Kits include the materials to do the job, and are useable over and over on other jobs too. Garden hose pressure is fine, so long as the water is flowing past the area where the leak occurs.

By adding the 2-part solution to the water circulating through the pipe, the particulate and the polymer in the Part-A bottle of PipeFuze fluids will penetrate the crack in the pipe, restricting water from flowing through it. This is essentially plugging the area where the water loss occurs. Over an approximate 2-hours, users find that the area of the leak is plugged. Performing a second pressure test on the line with low pressure is going to tell the user if the leak is blocked and the pipe is holding pressure. If confirmed, the user then adds the bottle of Part-B fluid using the same cycle of water as performed with Part-A.

Part-B of the PipeFuze fluids flows into the pipe and causes Part-A to harden permanently. As the polymers and fluid of Part-A adhere to the inside of the crack or hole, it secures the area, much like platelets in the bloodstream. The hole becomes filled with a plastic-like hardened material and the pipe is repaired.

PipeFuze offers different repair kits for different applications. Contractors who perform regular pipe repairs using PipeFuze typically opt for the bigger pump and industrial hoses; but DIY homeowners who may only use the system a couple of times a year don’t need industrial level gear and can opt for a lighter kit to serve their immediate needs.

Look at the website and see the best application for your situation. Test your pressure and use PipeFuze to make repairs to your leaking underground pipes before hiring someone to break up your patio or dig across your lawn to make repairs.

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