Ugh, the expense of pounding out your beautiful concrete to repair some little pipe leak and potentially looking at the repair area for the rest of your life … stop the insanity! Dont break that patio yet! Here’s what you have to do, and remember when I tell you this, isolation is key!

You know where the pipe goes toward the pool, it’s probably at the equipment set. You know where it enters the pool, it’s either a return or a suction line. Great, you’ve isolated the pipe you think is leaking – perform a pressure test on it. Don’t use high pressure, just about 8-12 pounds of pressure is going to be enough. If you use more pressure, you’re literally asking the crack to widen under duress and show you bigger pressure loss numbers than you want to see – don’t force it. With a light pressure test, if the pressure drops 5 pounds or less in the first 30 seconds, you’ve got a leak that is likely to be repaired today using PipeFuze.

break that patio

On the other hand, if your pipe is dropping pressure faster than you can count it, you’ve got a full diameter break of a pipe separation and I’m sorry to share, there isn’t a coagulant on the planet that’s going to fix that. Are you in that range of 5 l-bs? Great, let’s get you repaired.

PipeFuze is a 2-part polymer liquid set that works to seal the areas where water is escaping a pipe. By circulating it through this isolated pipe you’ve tested, you’re going to allow PipeFuze to be drawn into the crack. The combination of particulate and viscous liquid in the Part A bottle of the liquid set is going to work to literally fill the crack from the inside, while letting the fluid seep through and harden from the outside of the pipe. It’s going to create a platelet effect, where it adheres to the pipe and forms a bond. The blind will harden from the outside where water is no longer flowing. It will being to harden into the crack.

Part B of the fluid set works with a catalyst from inside the pipe, where the water is. because the water inside the pipe won’t allow the viscous fluid of part A to self dry, it works to thicken the Part A in the area where it’s gathered and begun to harden from the outside. As it thickens, the harden process is aided and it works to complete its process through both sides of the crack, and inside the pipe.

We circulate part A for about 2-hours. During this time, we will see less water drop from the bucket. When we see it isn’t dropping, and that’s usually in about 2 hours, depending on the severity fo the leak, we will perform a second, small pressure test. Use 5 pounds of pressure and see if the pipe is holding pressure. If it is, circulate Part B through the pipe for an hour, if it is still dropping just a tiny amount of pressure, run Part A for another hour and then Part B. In the end, much like a cut or scrape on your skin, it will self seal and the flowing will stop. pipeFuze does this, stopping water leaks without breaking yup a patio and cutting pipe.

Before you break that patio, check out some video content and call to ask questions or even to place orders. Dial 818-436-2953 and order your PipeFuze kit today.