Don’t put off fixing that leak for another season. Repair is easier than you think and it doesn’t require excavation … today. The longer you wait, however, the more damage can occur and in the end, you’ll pay a whole lot more to dig up a patio and make repairs than just sealing those leaks with PipeFuze and enjoying a leak free pool the way it’s supposed to be. Check it out.

When pool owners find they’ve got a leaking pipe under the patio, the concern about breaking concrete and the cost to repair it, or the potential for unsightly mismatched concrete becomes real. How much is this going to cost? What am I going to have to look at when it’s done? Who am I supposed to call to do this?

There are a few things that can be verified with a simple leak detection that will help you dicide if using PipeFuze is the right application for your pipe leak on your pool.

1. A proper leak detection will verify that a line is actually leaking. Using a static pipe test, or a pressure drop test, we can check to see if returns are pulling dye, or if an isolated pipe is losing pressure. Once verified, there are other things we can do.

2. A proper leak detection can tell you the exact area where a leak occurs underground. This is a big help because it allows us to isolate what line needs repair, and can minimize how we administer the PipeFuze liquids. If you aren’t sure where in the line the leak is, don’t worry; PipeFuze can still be easily applied and will still do the job to seal leaks.

3. We want to know the rate at which a pipe is losing pressure. if your pipe starts with a pressure of 8-12 pounds and drops to zero immediately, that’s likely a full pipe separation and unfortunately, to repair that will require digging and getting to the pipe to replace it. If, however, that pipe is losing 5 pounds of pressure or less over a 30 second period of time, your pipe is likely ready to be sealed with the PipeFuze liquid set.

Injecting PipeFuze is done, as seen in the videos, using an injection and return rig. With the pipe isolated, we inject the PipeFuze liquids into the pipe using a standard small horsepower pump and we cycle the fluids through the line. Out the other end of the pipe and back into the bucket, the complete cycle will literally march the PipeFuze liquids past the leak, being pulled into it and forming a seal in the crack or separation that will stop the water loss and allow the pipe to function properly.

When you aren’t aware of the precise location of a leak, but have multiple returns, simply inject the PipeFuze through each return to guarantee that every conceivable area of the pipe has had PipeFuze run through it to address any leaks or separations in the line. This will ensure that if a leak is losing water, PipeFuze has been administered to seal it and stop the leak.

For more information on the one solution that any homeowner can apply to their leaking pool pipes without hiring a contractor to tear up their patio, call 818-436-2953 or search the site for more information. PipeFuze is not available in stores, we ship direct to your door to stop leaks fast and to return your pool and spa to service without the cost and damage of making major repairs.