Tim Kendall sent us a letter about his PipeFuze experience, and how he finally found something that works.

I wanted to send a message about my experience with PipeFuze, and how I finally fixed my suction line after almost 4 months.

I had bubbles coming back into my pump, I guessed I had a suction line leak. I called a friend who did a pressure test on the line and in fact, I was dropping pressure, so the line had issues. It wasn’t more than 3 or 4 pounds of loss over a couple of minutes so my friend told me to run Fix a Leak through it. I did.

That stuff is water. It didn’t fix the leak, in fact, there must have been some gunk in the line because after I ran it through, it literally washed out the line and now I was losing a solid 4 pounds of pressure in a minute. I read reviews and I’m not the only person who thinks it’s water.

I did a little online searching and found this stuff called Lo-Chlor. Yep, you guessed it. More water. No results, an utter waste of money. In one of the reviews I read, someone said to try PipeFuze, that it was different than the water based products, so I gave it a shot.

The first big difference I saw as that it had that particulate in it and the fluid itself seemed more like something that would actually seal a leak. I read about the idea how the particulate blocks the leak and allows the fluid to harden, what more could I ask for. I’m adventurous so I gave it a shot.

I spoke to a representative at PipeFuze who told me about using a piece of tape in the bucket to identify where the water level started, and to re-fill it to the line again after an hour. I did what he said, really just like the videos, and after an hour I’d lost about 2 inches in the bucket, I refilled it. After a second hour, I lost nothing. The level stopped dropping, so I added Part B of the fluid bottles and broke everything down after an hour.

So all that happened on Tuesday, this is Saturday and there are no bubbles in my line, no water loss and no issues to speak of. I tried the other stuff, PipeFuze didn’t just work, it worked fast. I recommend it to anyone else with a leak in their pool pipes.

Thanks guys,

Tim Kendall

We like these letters and happy customers. What it comes down to is that breaking a patio to fix a small leak is expensive. Instead of putting out a few thousand dollars up front to leave a scar on your beautiful patio, save a lot of money and try PipeFuze to seal your leaks and stop the water loss.

Get your fluid sets in the shop and check out the equipment pool pros keep on their truck for the times when their customers want leaks fixed without the construction. make PipeFuze part of your services and get paid to stop customer leaks fast. Call 818-436-2953 for more information.