Underground pipe leaks can slowly drain water from an irrigation system, as well as from a homeowner’s wallet. The expense and damage that comes with digging up lines and repairing pipes can easily add up when just trying to seal a small leak. That’s when homeowners rely on PipeFuze.

PipeFuze is a 2-part polymer fluid that stops leaks by sealing them from the inside of the pipe. This keeps homeowners from digging up lawns or breaking concrete to access pipes. The process is easy and can stop leaks forever.

To begin, it’s important to know what the pressure loss is in the pipe. If an elbow join has separated, or a pipe has completely broken, there is no sealant that can make that repair. A broken pipe needs to be replaced. However, if a smaller stress crack, a pinhole or a minor separation where glue once sealed pipe couplings comes apart, the pressure loss will register at a smaller rate, this may make it a contender for repair using PipeFuze.

Using a pressure test rig, the user isolates the pipe wither end of the line in question. This is going to allow the pressure rig to apply an even amount of pressure that will only reduce due to the area of the leak. If the loss of pressure in the pipe registers at 5 pounds of pressure or less being lost over the course of 30 seconds, this pipe may easily be repaired by PipeFuze.

Because a major break has a consistent high flow of water moving through it, the space between the break is too large for a coagulant to form a seal between the edges. A stress crack, hole or non-rotational crack has plastic still aligned edge to edge.

When injected through the line in question, Part A of the PipeFuze liquid set distributes particulates using PipeFuze’s scientifically design technology and begins to seep through the crack. During the process, it literally clogs and adheres to the edges of the broken pipe. As it does, the flow of water reduces to the point of being fully blocked. A second pressure test will confirm that the pipe is, itself, holding water without seeping or leaking. This is when the user applies the Part B bottle of PipeFuze liquids.

PipeFuze Part B is a hardener. It literally bonds to Part A and hardens the molecular structure of the fluid, essentially scabbing onto the pipe and creating a permanent seal that stops water from escaping where the crack once was. When the fluids have hardened, the pipe will function as if the crack never appeared. The pipe itself is literally fused – hence the name: PipeFuze.

Learn more about how the system works, the equipment used to inject PipeFuze liquids, and to purchase either the liquid sets to use with your own equipment, or to obtain the equipment you need to do the job by visiting https://pipefuze.com.

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