PipeFuze leak sealant helps homeowners repair underground pipe leaks without hiring a contractor.

PipeFuze, the 2-part pipe and leak sealant, offers an alternative to excavation and pipe repair for stopping water loss in non-potable water pipes on swimming pools, irrigation lines and more. By circulating the PipeFuze fluids through isolated pipes, homeowners are stopping water loss and sparing the expense of destructive repair measures to fix pipes that have cracked underground.

It’s not a major pipe break that was causing the leak,” shares Jim Boldt, an Arkansas homeowner, “but there was definitely a leak. The problem was, the pipe ran under my patio and I didn’t want the expense of breaking up and fixing the concrete. I tried PipeFuze and it worked, that day!

PipeFuze is a scientifically developed coagulant that uses a 2-part process to seal leaking pipes from the inside. By isolating the pipe on both ends, even handy homeowners can attach a garden hose to the line and circulate the PipeFuze liquids through the line. Part A of the liquid set works to fill the crack and stop the flow of water from escaping the pipe. When the pressure in the pipe holds, Part B is applied and it heals the offending area, hardening Part A into a permanently sealed plug that adheres to the pipe and seals the leak. Pipes are repaired from the inside, without digging.

Homeowners and contractors can learn more about how the sealing fluids work by visiting https://pipefuze.com. Explanative video content shows the application on leaking pipes and the PipeFuze website offers options to acquire equipment to do the job, or for those who have the basic gear, as seen in the videos, the 2-part fluid sets are available for direct purchase.

Visit https://pipefuze.com or call 818-436-2953 to learn more or to place orders for PipeFuze by phone.