PipeFuze is a liquid polymer solution that seals minor pipe cracks and leaking problems from the inside of the pipe without digging.

PipeFuze, the manufacturer of the liquid polymer pipe leak solution is discovering higher demand due to post-freeze underground pipe crack repair in 2019. Customers are using PipeFuze to relieve water loss costs due to post-freeze underground PVC pipe cracks as an alternative to digging through cold earth in the winter season.

Homeowners are looking at increased water bills due to water leaks in irrigation and pool plumbing under frozen soil on their home properties. As the weather and temperatures fluctuate from cold to warm and back to freezing, PVC pipes are suffering from small cracks, and constant leaks. Over days and weeks, these small leaks are causing higher than expected water bills, and ultimately, are leading to higher repair costs after the winter season.

As an alternative to digging up the lawn, breaking cement or trying to get into the potentially frozen ground to find the source of leaks, homeowners and contractors are using the patented PipeFuze liquid polymer and hardener to seal the leak in their pipes from the inside, without ever having to dig up the pipe. The ease of use allows homeowners to repair pipe cracks without the cost of hiring a contractor and repairs leaks without having to break concrete or dig up soil.

By testing the pipe’s ability to hold pressure, as seen on the PipeFuze website at www.pipefuze.com, users can see if the leaking pipe is a prime contender for the PipeFuze solution. Once a brief pressure test concludes that the size of the loss is applicable to liquid polymer repair, consumers can apply PipeFuze to the leaking pipe and seal the leak from further water loss and freezing damage.

Video explanation and information is available at www.pipefuze.com and the product and application kits can be ordered directly from the website. For more information, visit the website or call 818-436-2953.