When pipes leak under patios and concrete, one big concern homeowners have is fixing pipe leaks without making deck repairs. It’s going to be a mismatch; while many contractors can come close to the original design, it won’t be 100% after the concrete is cut.

In my case,” Sheila Gautier shares, “It’s not the cost of the repair I’m trying to avoid, it’s having to match the deck after the repair, it will just look terrible. Using PipeFuze to seal the leak meant I was going to have to cut up the concrete and patio stone.”

Fixing Pipe Leaks Without Making Deck Repairs

By isolating the pipe with the leak, contractors can cycle PipeFuze liquids through the pipe. As the particulates and liquid set fill the leak, water stops flowing through and the leak ends. Using the hardener makes the fluids adhere to area of the leak and the crack is literally fused together to form a permanent bond.

Part A of the liquid set includes a small particulate that gets pulled into the offending area. With the viscous liquid of the Part A fluid, this makes a dam that penetrates the crack and builds a firm block that stops the flow of water. Plugging the crack and stopping the leak allows the area to dry out on the outside of the pipe. Over the course of two hours, a gentle cycle of water at a low pressure will allow the crack to fill.

Part B of the liquid set creates a reaction in the fluid of Part A. This reaction hardens the fluid from Part A and makes a solid bond with the fluid, keeping the dam in place and ending the potential of water to seep through the crack. Together, the two fluids make a strong seal to leaks and keeps contractors from having to break concrete to get at a pipe for repair. It’s pipe repair from the inside.

PipeFuze offers equipment to do the job, including a pump, a bucket to circulate the water and fluids and a controllable pressure rig and insertion valve to form a tight seal that allows the user to circulate the fluids consistently through the pipe. Contractors with their own equipment can simply purchase the fluid sets to do the job. Complete explanation of how the process is performed in video and printable instructions are available on the PipeFuze website.

For more information on fixing pipe leaks without making deck repairs, visit www.pipefuze.com or call 818-436-2953. Purchases can be made through the website or by phone.