One customer called about an in-ground hot tub he’s had on the property for nearly two decades at his bed and breakfast in the Vermont mountains, and it’s a whopping 850 gallons! AMAZING! The hard part of owning it, he told us, is keeping it running through Vermont’s winters so nothing freezes up, and frankly, so he can enjoy it daily. Here is what he shared with us:

I’ve kept this behemoth running through leaks that have been relatively easy to deal with. A little caulk in over here or tightening a fitting or replacing a rubber grommet over there, but I had a leak I could not figure out. Imagine the spaghetti system of plumbing under this concrete, I did not want to start digging, at that point, it would just be better to demolish it. I’d been adding water twice a day to keep the level above the skimmer line. If the water drops, the skimmer pump loses prime, figure I added 50 gallons a day for the three weeks before I ordered LeakShot. Pricey, I’ll tell you that.

So my LeakShot arrived at 4 in the afternoon on Tuesday and I read the bottle, reviewed videos on the website and put it aside for the morning. Woke up, filled easily 4 inches of water in the spa and just poured the bottle into the water like the video says, spilling it back and forth. I let the pump continue to circulate and walked away.

I ran the pump for 6 hours, shut it down and left it to sit overnight. Honestly, I expected the next morning I’d see the same water loss, maybe a little bit less at best. I woke up, checked the spa and it was down about an inch. I was impressed, but not happy because it’s still got a leak, so I fired up the circulation pump, poured in half of the second bottle and walked away, same as the day before. Shut the pump about 5pm and called it day.

Day three: I came outside, checked the spa and it hadn’t dropped an inch. The water level was where it belonged. I couldn’t have been more pleased. For safety sake, I emptied the rest of the bottle in and did a third day of circulating LeakShot just to be sure I really had this licked, and I did. Come Saturday, we opened the spa for guests and it hasn’t dropped water since.

For me personally, this is the answer. I recommend LeakShot for anyone else too.

~ Kevin LaBrie