I’ve received calls from customers who are applying PipeFuze to repair a crack in a pool and sometimes a spa trunk line where the line flows water through three return fittings, or more. They ask about creating contraptions to inject the PipeFuze liquids at the pump side and then try to equally distribute it through all three lines, cycling it back to the pump. This is the wrong way to do do it. No octopus type devices are required.

You don’t have to inject the liquids from the pump side of the line. You’ll want to inject them in through the return fittings individually and cycle them back to the pump side of the pipe. To do this, we employ the use of rubber plugs to isolate the line.

In this instance, we have a trunk line that splits to three outlets. We aren’t sure where the crack is in the line, but for the best results from using PipeFuze, you want a full dispersion of the Part and and Part B fluids through each section of the pipe to ensure each area has been addressed with maximum potential for sealing the leak. Start with the return fitting closest to the pump and install the injection rig. Then, simply plug the other two return fittings.

Injecting PipeFuze Through 3 Return Fittings

After cycling the fluids and working from the first fitting, move the rig to the second fitting and plug the first one that you previously injected into.

Injecting PipeFuze Through 3 Return Fittings

After a complete cycle of fluids, do the same for the last fitting. This will guarantee that any areas where a leak might be presenting itself are getting the full attention of PipeFuze as it flows into the cracks.

Can Leakshot be poured into the suspected leaking pipe?

Always perform a second pressure drop test to see that the crack has been sealed properly and the pipe isn’t losing water. After each cycle of fluids, in each return fitting, you can do this while the configuration is still intact. Pressure test each section of pipe that you have applied PipeFuze to before moving to the next. If you’ve sealed the crack on the first return fitting, you’ll spare the time performing it on the rest if the crack is already sealed.

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