Have you noticed your spa is slowly losing water but you don’t know why? It’s time to apply an application of LeakShot for spa leak repair. There are a lot of pipes that run your spa, with all the return jets and fittings, a slow drip can cause a lot of water loss over time and it’s a pain to keep adding water to enjoy your spa. Finding that tiny leak in all those pipes can be a hassle, but stopping the leak altogether is simple.

LeakShot is a scientifically designed liquid formula that adheres to the areas where leaks occur and stops water loss form happening. You don’t need to know where the water is escaping, that’s what the science of water loss does, it finds the place where the leak happens and it simply leaks. By putting LeakShot into your spa, the fluid will also get pulled into the small separation, but being more viscous, it will work to block the leak.

Liberally pour LeakShot into your spa. First, take out the filter cartridge and set the spa to recycle. Let the water flow through the pipes and add a bottle of LeakShot. As it flows through those pipes, the LeakShot fluid, like the water, will seep into the crack and begin to bond with the edges of it. As the bond reduces the space where water is leaking, it begins to penetrate the crack and harden from both the outside, and the inside of the crack. Overnight, the leak seals itself and the spa stops losing water, it’s that easy.

The LeakShot fluid will continue to dissolve in the spa water, and and after 48 hours, you can reinstall your filter cartridge and enjoy your spa leak free. It’s a Do It Yourself Spa Leak Repair that keeps the water in the spa where it belongs, without having to get inside the spa and pull apart insulation looking for leaks.

At return fittings, in pipes, around drains and lights, where seeping water becomes an issue, you have the answer to make it stop. Add LeakShot and watch those leaks disappear. As an added benefit, use leakShot annually to stop the tiny leaks that begin to form from becoming a bigger issue. Regular applications of Leakshot in your pool, spa, vinyl pond, cedar tub or concrete structure including fountains will keep leaks from starting and ensures that the cost of water loss never reaches your wallet.