One LeakShot user reached out to us about a large fountain they have at the entrance to their Japanese Garden. The base of the fountain holds the majority fo the water as the rest flows from top to bottom and they were simply losing water, but couldn’t figure out where. One bottle of LeakShot on a Stone Fountain and the problem was solved.

LeakShot on a Stone Fountain

When Miriam called, she was looking to find a cost effective solution to a leak they had discovered on the property where the entrance was to their Japanese Garden. The garden hosts a regular flow of daily foot traffic, cars coming and going for guests to enjoy the meditative walk around the sculpted garden. At the entrance is both the in and out side of the driveway with a European turn-style driveway. The question she was trying to answer was, is there a way to make repairs without shutting the entrance down to create a construction site.

The answer to that was yes. Use LeakShot. Miriam ultimately ordered 2 bottles and i asked her to let me know how it went. here is what she sent in an email.

“Hi Joe,

I wanted to let you know how it worked when we poured Leakshot into the fountain. It worked well.

Jeff, our head of maintenance told me that the bottom of the fountain was weeping out water somewhere because he could see it dropping daily and increased the water flow into the fountain to fight that battle. Eventually, he realized it was a losing effort. The water was going somewhere, but he didn’t know where.

Jeff filled the fountain, shut the controls and let the fountain sit still overnight. he poured in the first bottle of LeakShot and in the morning, he told me there was no water drop. Like any normal morning, he inspected around the fountain, and as usual, found no leaks. he suspected the loss was happening under the base of the fountain but wasn’t able to see it to prove it. never-the-less, he added that one bottle of LeakShot and the water stopped dropping. We turned the fountain back on and it’s been running all week without a lost drop of water.

In the end, I’m glad we spoke on the phone. The fountain provides a great joy to visitors because it’s simply beautiful and we really didn’t want to have to break it up to find out what was leaking. Thanks to you and the team over there, you spared us a big expense on time and money. LeakShot really works.”

We couldn’t have been more happy to hear about this, and we continue to share customer stories to help homeowners understand, you might not need to dig around in your pool or spa shell to find a leak and make repairs. If you think there’s a small pesky leak causing water loss, pour in a bottle of LeakShot.

LeakShot is available in single, double or triple bottle packs, for immediate use and regular annual maintenance on your water bearing shells.