No matter what the brand, in-ground or out, spas will lose water. All those fittings, the spaghetti  design of hoses and jets that give that relaxing “Ahhhh” feeling when you lie in the tub and boil like a lobster – they all have to connect and join together to keep the water where it belongs. The problem is, connections seep and release water at awkward and virtually impossible to see places, and you simply can’t access those small spa leaks. Well, you can’t, but LeakShot can!

Using a science-based mixture, LeakShot penetrates those tiny spaces and makes a permanent bond, stopping water loss. It’s really that simply. When LeakShot gets pulled into those tiny separations, it works to heal them and makes a solid damming effect that literally becomes one with the area where the leak occurs, and it keeps water in the spa.

As a regular maintenance to your spa, adding LeakShot will work to stop those tiny separations before they become bigger. The problem, however, may be that you’ve already discovered them and you’re concerned that they’re already a big issue. Pour in a bottle of LeakShot before you start thinking of pulling panels off and destroying your beautiful spa.

Start by pulling out your filter. Circulate the water and just pour LeakShot into the filled spa. It’s going to run through those pipes and back into the shell, looking to be drawn through any leaks or separations. You can let it sit overnight, and if you aren’t running the spa on circulate, just give it an occasional stir to ensure no LeakShot product is settling. The blend of LeakShot is going to find and fix those small weeping leaks fast!

“We have a spa, it’s a few years old and it sits under a patio in the back yard,” Al Caron shares. “It’s in great shape, but here and there we note an inch of water loss during times we aren’t regularly getting in and out of it. Naturally, I’d expect it’s got some small leaks inside the shell. I’d have no idea where though.”

Al called us and ordered a bottle of LeakShot for his spa. With a simple application, he sealed those suspect leaks without question and his spa is just fine.

“I did what the bottle said, I just poured it in and let it go. I gave it 48 hours,” Al states. “I haven’t seen any wet spots or places where I’d say leaks were defined, but after 48 hours, I put the filter back in and jumped into the spa. We’ve used it for over a month and the water level hasn’t budged a bit. I’m confident any of those leaks that were there simply aren’t anymore. Thanks LeakShot!”

Before tearing into the walls of your spa, understand that hoses are fixed in mountains of foam and none of them run the same way. It is physically impossible to open a spa and find where hoses or pipes are seeping out water. With LeakShot, you can repair those leaks from the inside, without damaging the internal foam and insulation in the spa, and you certainly don’t have to start popping staples or unscrewing the outer shell of the unit to make those repairs.

If your entire spa dropped to empty overnight, you’ve got bigger issues, but as a homeowner, you can take care of the small concerns without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to bring in a spa repair technician to fix something you’ve got control of. Grab a bottle of LeakShot and say goodbye to leak worries. Add a bottle every season and let it do it’s magic, stopping leaks at fittings, drains and inside the walls of your spa where you simply can’t get to.