The weekend comes and goes and people are in and out of the hot tub and it’s expected they’re taking water out with them. Toss in the hose, top it off and balance your chemicals for the next round of happy bathers.

Now, as Wednesday rolls around you’re seeing a few inches of water loss and wondering why, no one’s been in the spa since Sunday. It’s time to give that spa a LeakShot. Literally.

Small leaks occur behind fittings and just inside the places where plastics protrude through spa shells. They’re small, and there’s so many of them it’s often hard to figure out which one it is, or where. With LeakShot, you just pour in a little of relief and walk away. The fluid in that little bottle is scientifically designed to find where water is being pulled out of your spa and to seal those leaks fast. How? I don’t know, I’m not the scientist who discovered this, but I’ll tell you how it works.

LeakShot Crack Sealant for Pools, Fountains and more

A bottle of LeakShot carries 32 fl. oz. of seemingly magical liquid that will fix a leak fast. 24-48 hours fast, and it doesn’t involve popping the sides off your spa and digging through foam – what a mess! Just remove the filter cartridge from your spa, liberally pour in a bottle of Leakshot and let it work. LeakShot spreads throughout the water and finds leaks where water is escaping. Whatever the goo that’s in it, it hardens in the crack and forms a strong seal that resists seepage, leaking and pressure – so the crack is fixed and the party goes on! Leakshot!

You don’t have to drain your spa either. After 48 hours, the leakShot that didn’t work to seal in the crack will dissipate in the spa water and will filter out regularly after your return the spa to service.

What’s cooler than that? Try using leakShot as an annual preventative, heck, we have customers who use it every three months just in case. See, leaks start small. Tiny seeping holes that grow as pressure and water continue to push through them. AS they grow, seeps become leaks and leaks become cracks, holes and eventuslly, they become the expense of hauling away a spa and replacing it. That’s no fun.

By adding leakShot as a regular preventative, those tiny leaks get sealed before you notice them. Have you ever talked to someone about your spa losing water and they tell you they’ve never had that problem. THEY are using LeakShot. That’s why they don’t have leaks!

Order your LeakShot today before noon and it’s likely we’ll have it on a truck at 3 and on it’s way to your door. Click HERE to get a few bottles and enjoy the leak free spa you deserve.

For any questions, call 818-436-2953.