Spa plumbing leaks are more rare than other types of spa leaks. More common are the leaks that occur on the backside of jets where loose nuts or realistically, deteriorating o-rings can begin to process water loss. O-rings and gaskets are in your spa behind lights, at pumps, unions and chlorinators, skimmers and ozonators. They can be fixed fast when they first start seeping water and by fixing them now, you’re sparing hours of stress down the road.

LeakShot is easy to apply, just pour it in. Understand that PVC suffering from shattered freeze damage and completely separated glue joints will require replacement repair and you’re likely not the person to repair your own spa that way – but with regular maintenance and applications of LeakShot, you’ll likely never reach that point.

spa plumbing leaks

If you want to try to identify the general area where your leak occurs, shut off the spa. Let it drain to its lowest level and see that where it stops leaking is likely where the leak is occurring. You could become a super-sleuth and start digging around in foam and ripping off side panels to see it – but why do that? Let LeakShot do it for you.

Fill the spa and remove the filter. You don’t want to leave the filter in as it will ultimately collect LeakShot and LeakShot will want to seal up any spaces in the filter. Just take it out. Now, pour a bottle of LeakShot liberally into the spa. Walk the edge and spill it in. As the water starts to pull toward the leak, it will draw LeakShots fluid into the leak and that’s where the magic happens. LeakShot literally seeks out those leaks and clots where water escapes to form permanent repairs. While the leak may be small, leakShot is smaller and stronger, and it’s viscous nature will block water loss and heal the crack from the inside. As it slows and then stops water loss, leakShot will harden to become one with the leaking gasket, the seeping crack and even the s=hell where these small damages occur. At pipe joints, and inside plumbing, leakShot works to end water loss permanently and to give you the leak free spa experience you purchased when you bought your spa.

You can turn your spa to circulate, or stir up the water every few hours to accelerate distribution of LeakShot if you choose. Unlike other coagulants, leakShot isn’t prone to settling on the bottom of the spa, but if you notice it, give it a quick stir. In 24-48 hours, wherever LeakShot has pulled into a leak, it will have sealed up the cracks and water loss will have stopped.

Using LeakShot as a regular preventative maintenance also keeps leaks at bay. Leaks start small and can get bigger fast. Stop them before you notice them by adding LeakShot to your spa regularly, ever few months, and enjoy the confidence that leaks are kept at bay and your spa will be a joy for a lifetime.